At Linateguia we guarantee you luxury, exclusive and personalized attention.

If you are looking to invest in real estate projects in Colombia, we, at Linateguia, with our personalized Hosting service, accompany you during the time you are in the country. We go together through the projects that we have found according to your needs and bugjet.

Additionally, we offer you:

  • Advice with expert lawyers in foreign investment and taxation.
  • Pick up at the airport and accompaniment to the place of stay.
  • Hotel. Support and sugest lodging reservations.
  • Transportation and accompaniment in the city.
  • Tourist tours according to interests. We do not work with sex or drug tourism.
  • We can take you to restaurants and shopping centers in the city.
  • We accompany you to live and practice your favorite hobbies (Golf, Ski, Tennis, Jogging, Cycling, equestrian, and others).
  • Our interior design professionals will be in charge of advising you so that you can give life to your spaces and make you feel in a full place.

We organize, according to your budget and needs, packages that will give you the best real estate experience while you find your best investment. You will not have to worry about anything, we do it for you.




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